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Demolition and construction often go hand-in-hand; out with the old, in with the new. While Haskins provides safe and efficient demolition services, you may need someone to rebuild after the destruction is complete. That’s where our partner company, Tanner Construction Group, can help you. Tanner Construction Group is a custom home builder and remodeling contractor based in the Alachua, FL area. They can install home additions, perform a variety of interior and exterior renovations, and even offer storm restoration services when your home is damaged by a severe weather event. They are friendly, professional, and experienced in working with insurance companies for storm damage projects.

Tanner Construction Group offers a variety of services, including:

  • Home Remodeling
  • Home Additions
  • Commercial Renovations
  • Storm Restoration/Major Structural Repairs
  • New Home Construction
  • Custom Tiny-Home Construction

Are you ready to start your project? Call (352) 949-9072 in order to get in touch with Alachua, FL’s most trusted and reliable construction crew, Tanner Construction Group. They are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you build a better home.

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Complete Home Remodeling

Reimagine and reinvent your home with Tanner Construction Group’s versatile remodeling services. They can help you create more space, add functionality, and update your home’s aesthetic in a variety of ways. Whether you need new countertops in your kitchen or to gut and renovate an entire house, Tanner Construction group has the knowledge and skills to complete the job efficiently.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Updates
  • Plumbing & Electrical Installations/Rearrangements
  • Basement Finishing
  • Removing/Installing Walls

They focus on top-quality craftsmanship as well as outstanding customer service for every job. Tanner Construction Group aims to offer personalized custom home building and remodeling solutions to ensure that your specific needs and desires are met. They also work with a wide range of budgets and can help you make the right decisions to keep your project within your set budget.

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Why Choose US?

Whether you need a complete tear-down or a partial demolition job, we have the skills and equipment to get things done.

We are fully licensed and certified in demolition technologies and techniques.

Storm Restoration

Storms can cause a variety of damages to a home. Roof shingles come off and leave you susceptible to leaks. Windows break from flying debris. In some cases, a falling tree or large tree limb can cause extensive structural damage. This could mean replacing an entire roof. It could also mean demolishing and rebuilding a wall that has been severely damaged. Regardless of the extent of your storm damage, Tanner Construction Group provides expert restoration services. With years of contracting experience, they have seen it all and know how to deal with a variety of situations. They also have plenty of experience working with insurance companies to ensure your storm damages are properly paid for by your coverage.

Storm damage is often an emergency. A severely damaged roof, wall, or window exposes your home’s interior to the elements, which can lead to even more extensive water damage if not dealt with quickly. Call Tanner Construction immediately when you experience disaster. They will be there as soon as they can to assess the damage and provide a free cost estimate for restoration services.

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Home Additions and Renovations

Creating an inlaw suite, making room for a newborn, or just wish you could expand your living space? Tanner Construction Group can build a variety of home additions and offer renovations to create new spaces in your home. That could mean finishing the basement to create new bedrooms and bathrooms. It could also mean constructing an entirely new room attached to your home. This kind of work takes a high level of design and building skills that not every contractor can offer. When you need home additions and renovations, contact the custom home builders at Tanner Construction Group.






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